Manufacturing Quality Restoration Parts in China

Distributor Protection Policy

We understand that the market for most restoration products is very limited. While competition is a good thing in some markets, too much competition in restoration parts will insure that no one makes any money and that far too many parts will be made. Therefore we have a very clear and simple policy to protect your investment of time and money in any project.

Simply stated: Once a client pays any tooling or set up fees, and purchases one production run of a product from us, that product is EXCLUSIVE to that client forever.

As a result, all tooling belongs to you. You may remove it at any time. You will not find your product sold to another distributor ever, or in any other market, ever.

Marque Exclusivity Program

We are sorry to say that due to contractual obligations under our Marque Exclusivity Program, we cannot offer products for certain vehicles at this time.

Our Marque Exclusivity Program allows high volume distributors who can commit a reasonable number of dollars to projects with RPM, to lock up that make or model of vehicle. Once we enter into a Marque Exclusivity Agreement with one distributor, we will not make parts for that Marque for any other customer as long as the distributor meets his annual purchase commitment.

The goal of this program is simple. We want to develop deep and lasting relationships with only a few distributors. It is in our best interest to see our partners prosper. We can help by making sure that only OUR partners have access to our services and our factories.
Please inquire for more details.

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